About Us

The PBD boys, once again, shake things up while still keeping a cool side of street. This time, they take on the reins to re-invent the working lunch, believing the working class should still embrace their “big kid at heart.” Set within a like-minded coworking space makes 1KS the perfect backdrop for a conducive, yet casual business-work dining spot. To further add value to a productive work day, 1KS is open all day from the early morning, putting no boundaries to a prescribed lunch hour.

1KS is more than just a cafe. It is a hotspot that is setup to break the ice for first time introductory meetings; have an energetic spirit to facilitate creative dialogue; and have a buzzy hum to embolden any voice to be heard. Ultimately, we want everyone to loosen their ties, leave their ‘stiffness’ at the door, and just get real.

Suit or no suit, a simple lunch break or a deal clincher, 1KS wants everyone to know that taking it casual is A-OK.